Goals and Methods of Green Technology

Green technology
Green technology


Head of a remodeling and renovation company in Ft. Myers, Florida, Tony Persichilli keeps an eye out for innovations. Tony Persichilli is especially interested in green technology for his construction projects.

The key intention of green technology is sustainability: using building practices that do not exhaust resources to meet future needs. Exemplifying this philosophy is the manufacture of reusable products and the reduction of waste during the production process. Other aspects of green technology include finding alternatives to chemical fertilization and fossil fuels. Economic systems should emphasize protecting the environment and creating jobs built on environmental innovation.

Green technology can benefit society through its energy efficiency and use of planet-friendly fuels. Governments can play a part by mandating the purchase of products and services that reduce their impact on the environment. The construction industry can drive these changes with a careful selection of materials and locations, while chemical manufacturers can curtail the use of hazardous materials.


Green Building on the Rise, According to New Report

Green Mountain Builders pic
Green Mountain Builders
Image: greenmountainbuildersswfl.com

A construction industry professional with nearly three decades of experience, Tony Persichilli serves as chief executive officer of Green Mountain Builders, where he oversees remodeling and new construction projects for customers throughout Ft. Meyers, Florida, and surrounding communities. To better serve his clients, Tony Persichilli works to stay up to date with the latest construction trends. He is particularly interested in eco-friendly building techniques.

A recent study conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics found that construction companies in the United States are increasing their involvement in the green building industry significantly. As more and more people worldwide strive to reduce their carbon footprint, green building practices are becoming popular, and the construction industry is responding by joining the growing movement.

According to the Dodge Data & Analytics report, which included data from 1,000 construction professionals in 60 countries, green building activities around the world will double in the next few years. Study respondents from the US forecasted that over 60 percent of their construction activities will be green by 2018.

US respondents said that the largest percentage of these new green-oriented projects will involve new construction of institutional structures such as schools and hospitals and green improvements to existing commercial spaces such as office and retail buildings. Green construction is also on the rise in other parts of the world, most notably in developing countries including Brazil, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Habit for Humanity Plans for National Women Build Week in May

Habitat for Humanity pic
Habitat for Humanity
Image: habitat.org

Tony Persichilli leads Green Mountain Builders as its CEO and holds the responsibility for overseeing the company’s construction and financing efforts, including land acquisition, product design, and sales. Outside of his obligations to the company, Tony Persichilli donates to Habitat for Humanity International and its initiatives. Habitat for Humanity’s initiatives include events for National Women Build Week, which typically takes place the week of Mother’s Day.

National Women Build Week represents a weeklong event in which women dedicate time and resources toward efforts for eliminating poverty housing. The event’s occurrence near Mother’s Day holds significance for many women in that families with children make up a considerable portion of those in need of adequate housing. It launched in 2008 through a partnership with Lowe’s, which continues to provide support and volunteers each year.

Habitat for Humanity chapters throughout the country participate in National Women Build Week and arrange a variety of activities for volunteers to take part in. During the 2015 event, an estimated 15,000 women donated at least one day of their time to assisting with Habitat for Humanity’s construction projects for housing. Lowe’s support included conducting how-to clinics at its stores and contributing nearly $2 million.

Habitat for Humanity Helps Florida Homeowners with Public Donations

Habitat for Humanity pic
Habitat for Humanity
Image: habitat.org

Owner of Green Mountain Builders in Florida, Tony Persichilli leads a team that specializes in building and remodeling residential homes. Tony Persichilli also contributes to Habitat for Humanity.

Since its inception in 2009, Habitat for Humanity of Florida has invested more than $260 million each year in local communities. The funds have supported the construction of over 15,000 homes and paid real estate taxes, saving homeowners $10 million annually and 59.4 percent each month in expenses.

Habitat for Humanity relies on the generosity of the public to fund its programs. The organization accepts one-time cash donations and ongoing pledges. Donors can also donate a home or materials that can be used during build days or resold through ReStore. ReStore is a nonprofit home improvement store that sells discounted products to generate vital dollars benefiting Habitat for Humanity. Other welcomed forms of contributions include naming the organization as a beneficiary in an estate or will and donating appreciated stocks and bonds.

Tips for Grilling Pizza

Grilling Pizza pic
Grilling Pizza
Image: allrecipes.com

A Florida entrepreneur with nearly three decades of experience in home construction, Tony Persichilli owns and operates Green Mountain Builders. In his spare time, Tony Persichilli enjoys grilling pizzas at home.

When preparing homemade pizza on a grill, decide what type of heat source is best for you. Pizza grilled over charcoal requires experience managing coal temperatures. If you are new to charcoal grilling, this creates challenges. Instead, opt for a gas grill, which allows you to adjust knobs to regulate heat. Maintaining your grill temperature at 550 degrees F works well.

Also take into consideration timing. Fresh pizza dough requires cooking on both sides. The first side cooks in as little as one minute. For this reason, attentiveness is necessary. Avoid leaving the grill once the pizza begins cooking. Flip the dough and add your toppings. Continue cooking for another three to five minutes with the lid on. If you smell scorching, move your pizza to a cooler part of the grill.