Goals and Methods of Green Technology

Green technology
Green technology


Head of a remodeling and renovation company in Ft. Myers, Florida, Tony Persichilli keeps an eye out for innovations. Tony Persichilli is especially interested in green technology for his construction projects.

The key intention of green technology is sustainability: using building practices that do not exhaust resources to meet future needs. Exemplifying this philosophy is the manufacture of reusable products and the reduction of waste during the production process. Other aspects of green technology include finding alternatives to chemical fertilization and fossil fuels. Economic systems should emphasize protecting the environment and creating jobs built on environmental innovation.

Green technology can benefit society through its energy efficiency and use of planet-friendly fuels. Governments can play a part by mandating the purchase of products and services that reduce their impact on the environment. The construction industry can drive these changes with a careful selection of materials and locations, while chemical manufacturers can curtail the use of hazardous materials.


Habitat for Humanity Helps Florida Homeowners with Public Donations

Habitat for Humanity pic
Habitat for Humanity
Image: habitat.org

Owner of Green Mountain Builders in Florida, Tony Persichilli leads a team that specializes in building and remodeling residential homes. Tony Persichilli also contributes to Habitat for Humanity.

Since its inception in 2009, Habitat for Humanity of Florida has invested more than $260 million each year in local communities. The funds have supported the construction of over 15,000 homes and paid real estate taxes, saving homeowners $10 million annually and 59.4 percent each month in expenses.

Habitat for Humanity relies on the generosity of the public to fund its programs. The organization accepts one-time cash donations and ongoing pledges. Donors can also donate a home or materials that can be used during build days or resold through ReStore. ReStore is a nonprofit home improvement store that sells discounted products to generate vital dollars benefiting Habitat for Humanity. Other welcomed forms of contributions include naming the organization as a beneficiary in an estate or will and donating appreciated stocks and bonds.